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2009年 09月 26日 ( 1 )

2009年 09月 26日

Just Do it?


---Shibuya-ku and NIKE Japan are to
throw homeless people out of a park---

Shibuya-ku made naming rights agreement
with NIKE Japan for Miyashita-park
where homeless peolple live.

Consequently, Shibuya-ku is planning to reconstruct the park
to build pay-places for skate-boarding or rock-climbing.
By that, about thirty homeless people living there are to be kicked out.

In Tokyo, homeless people are increasing in the economic crisis.
However places for them are being narrowed,
because the authorities make parks or public spaces
unable to stay at night.

In addition, homeless people are at risk of being attacked
by teenagers. Some were killed in this year.
So, to live nearby each other is very important for their safety.
People who are against this naming rights agreement
and reconstructing of Miyashita-park are calling
for a boycott of NIKE products.
(in Japanese)







by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-09-26 10:18 | labor/poverty