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2009年 08月 03日 ( 1 )

2009年 08月 03日

Symposium about GID






I went to a symposium about GID (Gender Identity Disorder).

In that symposium, one of key themes was requirements for changing
registered sex in KOSEKI ( family register system). So called ''no child
requirement'' has been criticised since a law which enables GID people
to change their registerd sex was introduced in 2004.

''No child requirement'' means that GID people who have children
cannot change their registerd sex in KOSEKI. As some GID people
have childeren before they decide to live in the gender of their identity,
the requirement is said to be too severe for such people.

Though the requirement has been changed into ''No minor child
requrement'' this year, Prof. Oshima, who is a legal expert on this issue
and was one of the speakers in the symposium, insisted that the
requirement be abolished.

Today's symposium, all speakers went further to show their doubt more
or less on a requirement of SRS (sex reasighnment surgery) .

Dr.Harima said "some GID clients who come to my clinic don't need
surgery because they can live as the gender of thier identity and
they don't have much troubles. Still they wish to under go SRS in order
to change their registered sex. As a medical doctor I have to say it is
not a good situation that they have to under go SAR only to change
their registerd sex ."

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-08-03 23:30 | LGBT/gender