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2009年 11月 17日

"Genbaku Korou"





The other day, I watched a documentary program by NHK,
titled "Genbaku Korou." Translating directory in English,
it's “Atomic-bombed Lonely elderly people.”
They are survivors of atomic-bombing in Hiroshima and

I was very surprised to know that they are still distressed
with prejudices. Many "Hibakusha" couldn't get married
nor have children, because people (including themselves)
feared after-effects of a-bomb and influence to a baby
if they gave a birth. Actually numbers of them are afflicted
with illness which seems after-effects of being a-bombed.

Now they are also suffering form offensive emotion of people.
Hibakusha (survivors of a-bombing) are discharged from
payment of medical treatments. Some people, especially
those in same generation, are strongly envious of it. 
So, many Hibakush cannot share their feelings with people
around them and live lonely lives. What a sad situation
and a poor circumstances!

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-11-17 12:12 | Diary

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