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2009年 11月 08日

A tribute concert for Gansuke

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November 7th is the anniversary of Gansuke's death.
(I haven't known "meinichi" is traslated in the phrase
"the anniversary of --'s death.")
He passed away two years ago.

Gansuke was my best friend.
He help me many times when I was in hardships.
He was a gifted system engineer and manager of companies,
vigorous gay activist and brilliant writer of songs on gay lives.
He was also one of a few persons
who come out his HIV positive status in Japan.

Yesterday, a concert for a tribute for him was held and
nine LGB music groups took part in and played.
Most of them covered the songs that Gansuke wrote.
I felt like that I met him after a long separation.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-11-08 19:14 | Diary

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