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2009年 10月 18日

What I saw today.


First pic is a rebuilt traditional Okinawan house,
which is in front of a museum.
Second is an Old "Shisaa" near the house.
Shisaas are gurdian sculptures,
which are placed on gates of houses.

Last one, "Gajyumaru" in "Sougenji" ruins.
Gajyumarus are very popular trees in Okinawa.
Sougenji was a temple
that had tombs of Kings of Ryukyu Kingdom
(Okinawa was a Kingdom before Japan
became the sovereign.)
However the temple was burn in the WWII.
I'm fascinated by this tree since I first saw.
I feel it divine.





by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-10-18 23:37 | Okinawa

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