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2009年 10月 08日

Ktsuma vs. Kayama

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The latest issue of "AERA", a weekly magazine,
carried a talk between two famous women.
One is Kazuyo Katsuma, a critic and
now an icon for women who want to achieve success.

And the other is Rika Kamaya,
a psychiatrist and professor of Rikkyo University.
She is also well known as a commentator in TV.

Katsuma insists the importance of studying
and learning skills to lead a successful life
and instructs effective ways for that in her books.
While Kayama says, in her new best selling book,
that not to aim to be "Katsuma" is a necessary condition
for some people to live comfortable.

She told in the talk that many women feel depressed
by obsessive thoughts that they have to learn something
or endeavor after something,
though they don't know what the "something" is.

Basically I sympathize with Kayama,
but I cannot deny I have a mind like Katsuma
at the same time.
I'm swinging between two different senses of value.

However I have to point out a wrong aspect of
Katsuma's opinion.
She emphasize the significance of equal opportunities
for education or learning skills
in order to improve economical gap.

No doubt about importance of equal opportunities,
but it cannot be remedy for the gap.
The reason is that even if everyone could take
higher education, as the number of jobs is limited
and payment are unequal, economical gap would remain.
In results her logic just brings a study-holic
and workaholic society,
which doesn't solve problem of poverty.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-10-08 01:29 | labor/poverty

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