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2009年 10月 03日

''non-legitimate children"???

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A quarter of a century ago,
John D'Emilio insisted in his paper that
we should support systems in which people could live
outside of“traditional heterosexual family”
to liberate gay/lesbian people.(1)

It means that there are connections
between gay/lesbian issues and single mothers’ issue
or situations of married women/men.

In Japan “hi-chakushutsushi”(non-legitimate children)
who were born between unmarried couples are discriminated
in civil law. For example, “hi-chakushutsushi” can inherit
parents’ property only half as much as
that of legitimate children.

Some people have sued and appealed to the Supreme Court
in order to dissolve the discrimination.
However, at the end of the last Sep,
the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality
of the distinction again, by three to one in this case
(in the last three cases
constitutionality had been upheld by three to two).

We, gay/lesbian and queer activists,
should take objection against such judgment
in order to extend spheres in which we can live our full lives.

(1)"Capitalism and Gay Identity,"
in Snitow, Stansell, and Thompson, eds.,
Powers of Desire:The Politics of Sexuality
(New York:Monthly Review Press, 1983):100-113.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-10-03 15:46 | LGBT/gender

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