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2009年 09月 30日

Shinjuku-ni-chome, the biggest gay town in Japan

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ギョーカイ【裏】座談会 [二丁目のママ]編






Shinjyuku-ni-chome (=ni-chome) is famous gay area
in Japan.
200-250 gay bars gather in that area
(but most of gay bars in Japan are very small
and those seating capacity are around 10).

Three years ago, Shintaro Ishihara,
who has been a Governor of Tokyo since 1999,
said ''Shinjyuku-ni-chome or Kabuki-cho are
not beautiful places,
so I' m planning to make strong ordinance
to control those areas."

I found an article in which
three "Mama-san" (barkeepers who manages gay bars)
talked about the Ishihara's address or
recent changes of ni-chome.
(in Japanese only)

I'm very interested in the article,
having written doctoral dissertation on Shinjyuku-ni-chome.
A mama-san talked how ni-chome has been
influenced by internet and changed since 1996-1997.
He insisted that relationships in gay bars' networks
has become weaker.

I thought his feeling is paradoxical.
Because Tokyo Rainbow Festival
that gay bars in ni-chome hold started in 2000
and an organization of gay bars was established then.
Before then few people called ni-chome "a community".

I suppose that he feels so
because he is reviewing ni-chome
after he experienced the festival and establishment of
the organization, with his community-consciousness.

Now, it can be said that Shinjyuku-ni-chome is
developing community-consciousness of gay people
more and more.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-09-30 22:13 | LGBT/gender

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