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2009年 08月 24日

Gay Men being killed in Iraq

イラクで、ゲイが次々と拷問され、殺害されているという。既に90人以上が殺害され、それ以上に多くのゲイが行方不明になっていると言われている。国際人権団体「Human Rights Watch」が、危機感を持って、イラク政府と国際社会に介入を訴えている。



----Anti-gay attacks on rise in Iraq---

Story from BBC NEWS: 17 Aug 2009


Gay Iraqi men are being murdered in what appears
to be a brutal coordinated campaign involving militia forces,
the group Human Rights Watch says.

It says hundreds of gay men have been targeted
and killed in Iraq since 2004.
So-called honour killings also account for deaths
where families punish their own kin in order to avoid public shame.

The report says members of the Mehdi Army militia group is
spearheading the campaign, but police are also accused
even though homosexuality is legal.

Witnesses say vigilante groups break into homes and
pick people up in the street, interrogating them
to extract the names of other potential victims,
before murdering them.

HRW says it was told Iraqi security forces had sometimes
"colluded and joined in the killing".

Nearly 90 gay men have been killed in Iraq
since the beginning of January,
many more are missing, Human Rights Watch says.

The report, called They want us exterminated:
Murder, Torture, Sexual Orientation and Gender in Iraq,
says horrifically mutilated bodies of gay men have been left
on rubbish tips.

Sometimes their bodies are daubed with offensive terms
such as "pervert", or "puppy" which is a hate word for gay men in Iraq.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-08-24 10:45 | LGBT/gender

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