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2009年 08月 13日

GID Symposium 2






I went to a GID Symposium,
which is the sequel to the one on 3rd August.
As the main theme was ''mass-media and GID" this time ,
four men working for TV or newspaper attended at
as symposists.

But I rather impressed by talks of experts.
Prof. Oshima told that he had tried not to be thought
as one of "the left wing" in order to get supports
from the government party.
So he'd never used the term ''human rights''
in negotiations with them.
It was his stragety to pass the GID law for changing
GID people's registered sex.
That stragety must be very important to change
established systems in Japan.

Another expert, Dr. Yamaguchi who is the president
of Saitama Medical Univ. mentioned coming-out.
He said ''Coming-out is needed to have people
understand sexual minorities''.
I agree with that.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2009-08-13 13:40 | LGBT/gender

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