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2013年 12月 28日

私の2013年 / My 2013


We held Pink Dot Okinawa on July 14th.
Approximately 800 people visited the gathering place
and more than 2000 participated in pre- and post- events.
The local news papers and TV news featured Pink Dot Okinawa
and I'm sure that it influenced Okinawan society positively
on LGBT issue.


*2012年5月に開いたスペース GRADiも無事に1年を越えました。

In May we celebrated the first anniversary for GRADi,
my office which we use as a base for our activities
and where I/we have classes or gatherings.



48ページというページ数の割に1000円と高いのですが、活動支援値段とご理解ください。年明けから、オンラインショップでも販売します(その前に郵送で買いたいという方は、メールで連絡ください。gradi☆ ☆をアットマークに変えてください)

I published a booklet of my essays (in Japanese)
which includes all essays I wrote in Okinawa Times,
a local newspaper in the first half.


*私が代表を務めるレインボーアライアンス沖縄で、那覇市地域福祉補助金、LUSH Japan Charity Bankの助成金をいただけることになりました。レインボーアライアンス沖縄での活動もこれらの活動資金で充実させていきます。

Rainbow Alliance Okinawa has been granted funds by
Naha city and LUSH Japan.
We have started programs to improve situations
around LGBT in Okinawa by these funds.


However the best things for me are that
I've got more comrades in LGBT activities in Okinawa
and that I could cerebrate 7 year anniversary of the relationship
with my partner.

Moreover, I received help and assistance from many people.
I really appreciate for those. Thank you, everyone!

by hideki_sunagawa | 2013-12-28 00:55 | Diary

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