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2010年 03月 05日

Diary in Okinawa3

English version is following...

a0137527_15224897.jpg「そばcafe いしぐふー」という沖縄そば屋の新都心公園内店で昼食。




I had a Okinawa Soba (Okinawan noodle) in "Ishi-GuFuu"
for lunch. Very delicious.
Usually, in Okinawa Sobas with Spareribs,
cooked Spareribs are on Soba.
But here, Spareribs are served on another dish
and we are suggested to eat them separately
with wasabi or japanese mustard.

Afternoon, I went to see my mother in a hospital.
After that, being on the platform of a station near hospital,
I stared the views.
I felt relaxed, but at the same time,
something like vacant feelings in myself.
It was strange feelings.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2010-03-05 23:59 | Okinawa

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