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2010年 03月 04日

Diary in Okinawa2

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Today I gave a lecture at Naha Women's Center.
I talked about how MtF-transgender people and gay men are confused
in TV.

Before the lecture, I had a fried-potato in a hamburger shop.
A clerk draw something (bear?) with ketchup .

In my lecture, a priest informed me of that
a very conservative christian group is giving lectures
in which they say "gay/lesbian people or GID people
should be cured".

I heard that a women of the group was invited
in a public school and gave a lecture.

After the lecture,
M-san, a cheerful staff of Naha women's Center
brought me and other staff to a "Banpi-Label Koubou"
in Sakae-machi,
where we had very delicious Kamaboko and Gyoza.
And all the more (for gay men)
the storekeeper and clerks are very attractive guys : )

Sakae-machi is a small old area in which tiny shops gathers.
There shop keepers are making original CDs.
It's a very interesting and attractive area for me.

by hideki_sunagawa | 2010-03-04 23:59 | Okinawa

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